Neil O. Richards: The AA in the ’60s.
New Acquisitions: John Voelcker Archive
New Acquisition: Dargan Bullivant Archive
AA Archives: Lantern Slide Digitisation Highlights
AA Lantern Slide Collection: Digitisation Phase 1 Complete
The AA bomb-site: Practical Training Yard, Morwell St, 1946
The AA and the Cast Museum…
‘The Architectural Association in the Postwar Years’ Patrick Zamarian (Lund Humphries, 2020)
‘If I had to teach you architecture…’
Jeremie Frank
Stawberries in Summer
Building Types Online
Black Lives Matter
Armchair Excursions
John Outram, 1958: A Rigorously Empirical Functionalist…?
Bridge of Styx
Le Corbusier: e-books in the AA Library
‘The Midas touch. Phantasmagoria’: Alex Marshall’s 1972 ‘Gloria’ Project…
High Density Housing, Paddington
Poetry Performance, The Beat Generation, AA Library, 1965
Computer Community
Call for Volunteers: AA Lantern Slide Digitisation Project
AA Archives Models to go online…
Funded PhD available: ‘Shaping Postcolonial Worlds: Otto Koenigsberger…’
Erno Goldfinger Collection Digitisation
Eric de Mare Photographic Collection digitalisation
Notre Dame du Raincy – Architectural Design in Concrete…
AArchitect in Residence, Stefan Popa: ‘[Re-] Use: ‘Ethic or Aesthetic?’
AA Library: Jean-Pierre Dürig, Architekt Projekte 1985-2003
AA Takes Flight: Doug Patterson and Jerry Hewett’s Man-Powered Flying Machine
AA Archives: Donation of Edward Reynolds drawings
Ocean Liners: Brian O’Rorke and the SS Orion
AA Archives: AArchitect in Residence
AA Archives: Architectural Models Network with V&A, Sorbonne, RIBA, Soane…
AA Library: Judith Turner on P Marino’s Boontheshop building, Seoul.
AA Archives: Beat Poets at the AA, 1965
AA Library: Mapping the City…
AA Archives: Tony Fretton AA Graduation Project Donated
AA Archives: Mike Gold Drawings Donated
AA Library: Chernikhov – Architectural Fictions
Photo Library: Eric Jarrett Collection
AA Archives: Amo Kalsi Drawings Donated
AA Archives: Jeremy Barnes Drawings Donated
AA Library: Geodesic Domes
AA Archives: Neil Porter Drawings Donated
AA Collection Talks: 25th April. Dr Amara Thornton: Supply[ing] a third dimension”: Architects (Re) Constructing Archaeology, 1900s-1960s
AA Collection Talks: 2nd May. Geraint Franklin: ‘Sweet Geometry – Edward Reynolds at the AA, 1956-58’.
AA Collection Talks: 9th May. Catalina Mejia Moreno: ‘If we can have the first slide and the lights off…’
AA Library: 1777 Guide Book to Stowe…
AA Photo Library: Prototype House, Hooke Park
AA Archives: Kamiar Ahari drawings, Hadid, Koolhaas, Zenghelis unit donated…
AA Archives: You Are What You Eat…
AA Archives: Talia Davidi on ‘The Getaway…’
AA Library: Percy Smith – Lettering Books
AA Archives: ‘To The Vector Belongs The Spoils…’
AA Archives: Jeremy Barnes’ drawings from Bernard Tschumi & Nigel Coates’ Unit donated…
AA Archives: Donation of Diana Lee-Smith drawings
AA Photo Library: Anthroposophical Architecture – Rudolf Steiner
AA Archives: Sun Ra Visits Planet AA…
AA Archives: Christmas past…
AA Photo Library Christmas Cards: On Sale at AA Bookshop
AA Archives: 1940s models acquired
AA Library: Internationale Architektur
AA Photo Library: Frank Yerbury’s Photographs of Le Corbusier’s Work
Because You Are GOLD: Trump takes over AA Back Members’ Room
AA Archives: Gillian Hopwood drawings donated
AA Archives: 1976 Chings Yard Performance
AA Library: Japan-British Exhibition, White City, 1910
AA Archives: David Greene’s LAWuN 27 event drawings to be exhibited in AA Bar…
AA Photo Library: Reyner Banham and the Schindler House
AA Archives: Pink Floyd, Yardbirds, Fleetwood Mac… and Allen Ginsberg…
AA Library: Hauptstadt Berlin
AA Library: Engineering The World, Ove Arup
AA Photo Library: ‘1,770 Mile Boat Trip on the River Volga’
Dr Amara Thornton on Queen Nefertiti & the AA Pantomime…
AA Archives: Martyn Haxworth drawings donated…
AA Archives: Leonard Jackson, 1920s Student Drawings Donated…
AA Archives: Jeanne Sillett & Peter Wilson’s ‘Dorset Project’ donated…
AA Archives: Traces of Passage…
AA Library: Loan to ICA – Olivetti: Beyond Form and Function…
AA Archives: Andrew Holmes Flexikit Drawings Donated….
AAXX100 / AA Archives: Oral Histories – Prof. Christine Hawley
‘Utopia London’: Tom Cordell and Joseph Watson
AA Archives: AA Hejduk Drawings Exhibited in Zurich…
AA Archives’ Eisenman model ships to Venice Biennale…
AA Library: AA & American Post War Modernism
AA Archives: William Firebrace drawings donated
AA Photo Library: Peter Cook / CRAB, Bournmouth Arts University Drawing Studio
AA Archives’ Hejduk Drawings on exhibition at ETH, Zurich
AA Library: Owen Jones – ‘Plans… of the Alhambra’.
AA Archives: Brian Waldock drawings donated.
AA Library: SuperStudio – ‘Life, Death and Miracles of Architecture’.
AA Photo Library: Peter Jeffree photographs available online
Eduardo Paolozzi Maquette at the AA identified…
AA Photo Library: New Exhibition
AA Archives: Peter Cave drawings donated…
AA Library: Journals Collections & New Acquisitions
AA Archives: Janet Jack (nee Kaye) drawings donated…
AA Archives: Nigel Grimwade drawings donated…
AA Archives: Ching of Ching’s Yard
Mies van der Rohe: Office Prints for Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin discovered in AA…
AA Photo Library: Alan Blanc Slides Donated
AA Archives: Joyce Taylor (nee Wilson) drawings donated
AA Library: Walter Segal
AA Archives: ‘Icon’ features Paul Shepheard drawings
The AA reaches Japan, 1877… Josiah Conder
AA Library: Kisho Kurokawa -‘Music for living space’
AA Archives: Donation of 1970s and 80s AA exhibition guides
AA Archives: Donation of 1949 Leptis Magna drawings…
AA Archives: Eduardo Paolozzi prints added…
AA Archives: Juha Kääpä drawings donated. Sony Embassy
AA Library: Bedford Lemere Album of 19thC Architectural Photographs
AA Photo Library Cards: Seasonal Sale
AA Archives: Charles Richard Pink sketches donated
AA Photo Library: Limited Edition Prints
AA Library: Organic Design in Home Furnishings (1941)
AA Photo Library: Desmond Henly Photographs
AA Archives: Lisette Khalastchi Drawings Donated
AA Archives: S-E-X-Y–M-A-C-H-I-N-A-R-Y
Presidential Dressing Gown
AA Archives: 1920s George Clay drawings donated
AA Library: Rare Russian Periodical Discovered
AA Archives: Sailing with the AA, 1888-1951
AA Library: MH Baillie Scott ‘Houses & Gardens’ (1906)
AA Archives: 1940s Posters donated
AA Student Journals of 1910s-20s
AA Archives: Prof. Annette LeCuyer Drawings Donated, Dip 6, 1980-81.
AA Library: Proportions: Architecture & the Body
AA Archives: Eldred Evans Regents Park Concert Hall, Lincoln Civic Centre Drawings Donated
AA Archives: 1904-08 Evening School Register Discovered
AA Library: Le Corbusier et Saint-Dié
Top 5 Music Lectures @ the AA
AA Archives: 1979-81 Norman Chang drawings donated (Dip.4, Rodrigo Perez d’Arce)
AA Library: Everything is Architecture: Bau Magazine
AA Photo Library: School Work Photo Collection
AA Library: Fonthill Abbey
Visit AA Archives at Projects Review 2015
Berthold Lubetkin At The AA…
AA Archives: R.E. Enthoven, Société des Architects Diplomés medal, 1924.
AA Archives: Robert Furneaux-Jordan
AA Library: Vitruvius Britannicus
AA Photo Library: AA Camera Club 2015
AA Archives New Accessions: Computer Community
AA Archives New Accessions: Bill Howell, John Killick, Stephen Macfarlane, Jill Sarson Drawings, Stevenage
AA Archives New Accessions: Michael Foster
Special Ops: AA war time secrets…
AA Library: Henry Roberts, ‘Dwellings of the Labouring Classes…’ (1850)
AA Archives, New Acquisitions: James Cheyne
AA Photo Library: Photos of Tserkvas of the Lviv region, Western Ukraine, by Byron Blakeley
AA Archives, New Acquisitions: Eldred Evans’ student work, 1956-8.
AA Archives, New Acquisitions: Christopher Blencowe
AA Archives: John Hejduk ‘Victims’ Drawings
AA Collection / AAXX100 Lectures: Patrick Zamarian ‘Moth-Eaten Old Students & Noisy Little Schoolboys’ – The AA in the Post-war Era.
Reyner Banham, ArtNet, 1976
AA Lectures Online
AA Library: Jaqueline Tyrwhitt
AA Travel Scholarship Medallion, 1881.
AA Archives: 1881 Medal Acquired
AA Film Club
AA Film Club: 2014/15 Series
1935 Ideas In Architecture
AA Archives: AA ‘Scrap Books’
The AA Archives have received a set of AA student drawings, diagrams, music scores and writings by Dr Ranulph Glanville, a world renowned Cybernetician, researcher and educator...
AA Archives: Ranulph Glanville Drawings
AA Photo Library: Zaha Hadid Photographs…
Eduardo Paolozzi: private vision - public art. London: Architectural Association, 1984.
AA Library: Eduardo Paolozzi, Private Vision – Public Art
Alison Smithson novel, '1916ASO', acquired by AA Archives.
AA Archives: Unpublished Alison Smithson Novel Acquired
AA Library: Eileen Gray, L’Architecture Vivante, 1929
AA Archives: Otto Koenigsberger Collection