Today the great grand daughter of AA President Charles Richard Pink (1853-1889) donated a stunning selection of his sketches, made during his tours on AA Excursions in the 1870s and 1880s. Pink¬†joined the AA in 1871 and acted as Honorary Secretary of the AA’s Annual Excursions Sub Committee from 1878 until 1884. He was President of the AA from 1885-86 but died, aged just 36, three years later.



The drawings are particularly interesting as they contain sketches from the cast collection at the Royal Architectural Museum, alongside material taken from tours through Oxfordshire, Norfolk and a number of cities, including Coventry. Donated alongside his sketches are also his original articles of apprenticeship to Thomas Henry Watson (1839-1919) .PinkRAM

After entering private practice in 1875, Pink designed a number of schools, houses and churches in Hampshire. An expert on architectural heraldry, his ‘Notes on Heraldry’ was published in 1884.