AA Archives: Donation of Edward Reynolds drawings

The family of Edward Reynolds, of one of the most startlingly original AA students of the 1950s, has donated to the AA Archives a beautiful set of his drawings and records. Famously Reynolds’ AA 4th Year project for a Warehouse at Bristol (1956), was acknowledged by his tutor, James Gowan, as providing the inspiration for the roof of the Leicester Engineering Building. Drawings for Reynolds’ student project for a Concert Hall in Trafalgar Square (1956, with Paul Drake and Alan Lee) are also included in the donation, together with a 1960 letter from Arthur Drexler, Director of MOMA’s Dept of Architecture and Design, requesting reproductions of the design be made and sent to him…


1-2: Edward Reynolds, AA Fourth Year, 1956/7, Concert Hall, Trafalgar Square

3-4: Edward Reynolds, AA Fifth Year, 1957/8, Hotel in County Cork, Ireland.