Enth2AA Archives New Acquisition:  R.E. Enthoven, Société des Architects Diplomés medal, 1924.

On Graduation Day, Past President Simon Enthoven presented the AA with a medal awarded to his father Roderick Eustace Enthoven (1900-1985, also AA Past President) by the Société des Architects Diplomés in 1924 .

The medal was awarded annually from 1922 until c1955 to the best AA Diploma student, with one of the AA’s own medals being presented, in turn, to the most outstanding student of the École des Beaux Arts. This arrangement was established to celebrate the foundation of the Franco-British Union of Architects in 1922 and later AA recipients were to include Mary Crowley (Medd), David Medd, Neville Conder and ‘Beak’ Adams…

Roderick Enthoven graduated from the AA in 1924 and went on to have a distinguished career as founding partner of Enthoven and Mock, responsible for major projects including  Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford (1962) and work at Goldsmiths College, including the George Wood Theatre (1964). During the 2nd World War, Enthoven was a captain in the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives programme and in charge of locating and recovering the famous equestrian statue of Cosimo I, returning it to its rightful position in front of the Uffizi, Florence. Enthoven was also the first MFAA personnel to arrive on the scene when the roof of Pisa’s Camposanto collapsed, and  worked to ensure that tarpaulins were set up to protect the 14th and 15thC frescoes.

Ed Bottoms, AA Archives