Ove-Arup-2email Volga Boat Trip, Russia 1933Egyptcropped2email

AA Library: Engineering The World

Ove Arup “‘began and ended his adult life as a philosopher … a relentlessly questioning, sceptical thinker

AA Photo Library: Boat Trip on the River Volga,

Byron Blakeley traces F.R. Yerbury’s 1932 trip down the Volga.


AA Archives: Guest Blog, Dr Amara Thornton

Amara discovers Queen Nefertiti in the AA Archives…


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AA Archives: Martyn Haxworth Drawings Donated

Influential ‘Hook New Town’ project (AA Diploma Hons, 1963) donated to Archives.

AA Archives: 1920s Drawings Donated

A series of beautiful 1920s Beaux Arts drawings by AA alum Leonard Jackson have been presented to the Archives.

AA Archives: Jeanne Sillett & Peter Wilson

Original panels from celebrated ‘Dorset Project’ (1973/4) donated to AA Archives