AA Library: Architectural Fictions

Iakov Chernikhov (1889-1951) published over fifty works in his lifetime, including six works between 1927-33. One of his works held in the AA Library is ‘Architectural Fictions: 101 coloured prints, 101 architectural miniatures (Moscow / Lenningrad, 1933)…

AA Photo Library: EW Jarrett Collection

Eric Rawlsham Jarrett was a well-known teacher on the AA staff from the 1920s to 50s, and also a prolific photographer in the years before World War II…


AA Archives: Neil Porter Drawings Donated

Neil Porter  (Gustafson Porter + Bowman) has donated to the AA Archives his 4th and 5th year student work.  Amongst the stunning drawings donated are Neil’s Diploma Honours project undertaken under Peter Wilson….

AA Archives: Jeremy Barnes Drawings Donated

Jeremy Barnes has donated a magnificent portfolio of his projects – drawings undertaken at the AA from 1977-80, under a super-star array of tutors including Robin Evans, Fred Scott, Bernard Tschumi and Nigel Coates.


AA Library: Geodesic Domes

The recent exhibition at the Design Museum, ‘California: Designing Freedom’, looked at Californian designed objects that embody personal freedom, from the surf board to the iPhone. The exhibits included a full-size geodesic dome…

AA Archives: Amo Kalsi Drawings Donated

The family of Amarjit Kalsi (1957-2014), have donated a set of his virtuosic student drawings. ‘Amo’ worked for Richard Rogers and Partners, where he played a leading role on some of their most prestigious projects including the Lloyds building, the Millennium Dome.