Anthroposophical Architecture: Rudolf Steiner. Photographs by Peter Jeffree
37 Bedford Square, Ground Floor Corridor: Open until 1 April, Monday to Friday 10.00–6.00.

This exhibition presents photographs taken by Peter Jeffree of the Goetheanum, the world centre for the anthroposophical movement located in Dornach, Switzerland. Designed by the Austrian philosopher, critic, esotericist and architect Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925), the centre was intended to support the developing work of anthroposophy, or the science of the spirit. The first Goetheanum, named in honour of Goethe and completed in 1913 with the architect Ernst Eisenpreis, was destroyed by arson. These photographs document the second centre completed in 1928 and built entirely of concrete – and seen as ‘a true masterpiece of twentieth-century expressionist architecture that rivals Le Corbusier’s sculptural chapel at Ronchamp (which it inspired) and Frank Gehry’s recently completed Guggenheim at Bilbao.’

Peter Jeffree studied architecture at University College London, worked as an architect for the BBC and later as chief architect for John Lewis Department Stores. Architectural photography is now his primary occupation. His work covers a range of commissioned and self-initiated subjects – from newly built work to restoration studies of historic structures.