Black Lives Matter

Inspired by Black Lives Matter, the Architectural Association Library would like to highlight a selection of resources in its collections, which support global anti-racism movements and confront systemic inequalities in architectural education and beyond. Below is a selection of recommended ebooks, websites and online lectures, which can be accessed by the AA community from home.

As the ‘Decolonise my Curriculum’ and ‘Rhodes must Fall’ movements urgently demonstrate, Higher Education Institutions are often spaces which perpetuate white privilege and institutionalised racism. Whilst the AA is proudly and profoundly international, we are by no means immune. In order to live up to our roles as game changers, attracting diverse audiences, participants and leaders, we must continually critique our practices and our environment, holding ourselves to account and making the positive changes needed.

How many authors of colour feature on our reading lists (how many of these are women, or identify as non-binary)? What are the barriers and microaggressions blocking the pathway for architects of colour? And (crucially) what can the AA do to address this?

In a climate where many voices are underrepresented or actively silenced, we must not be passive. Words are not enough (but they can be a good place to start)!

Please do contact the library if you have any book (or ebook) suggestions for the AA Collection at

Selected ebooks (Please browse the AA online catalogue for access to these and more):

AA Online Lectures

Further Resources on Anti-Racism