The Bridge of Styx, 1988
“There comes a time as an architectural student when you just want to say fuck the conceptual crap, the drawings, the smart talk … I just want to build something. I think we all felt that. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we were all North Americans … A feeling that anything is possible and if it doesn’t work out you can’t say we didn’t try. Don’t want to think too much. What does it mean? Structural rationale? Is it right? Is it beautiful? No! At some point energy, enthusiasm (and the lure of lolly) take over. The thing just grows … organically. Welding, sparks flying, grinding, shouts, profanity, spit, beer and dirt. Knees, back, fingers ache. Feels good. Watch it growing, sprouting legs, looks like a bird’s nest … eating Chicken Al Capone and knowing it’s going to be great. Extra hands help hoist it into place, stretching and arching over 10 metres, the last welds … running out of time. The bridge, a shack, a couple of coal-burning barrels and lots of garbage lit up by blue lights shining through swiftly moving fog … a few too many drinks and you forget about… The Urban Blues.”  Mary Bowman, AA Projects Review, 1988

AA Students: Mark Wallace, Jeff Molder, Robert Mantho, Mary Bowman, John McMinn. AA Workshop Staff: Gille Djilali, Peter Billing, Chris Evans, Don Bates, Jamie Campbell, David Petters.